How Many Players Can Play Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6

Are you wondering how many players can play Far Cry 6 at any one time? We’ve got you covered.

Predominantly, Far Cry 6 is a single-player game. It’s designed to be played alone, with the story and missions designed around a single player character, Dani Rojas. As Dani, you’ll be joining a revolution to take down the despotic leader of the once-beautiful nation of Yara.

However, the game does support a co-op system, which means you can team up with one other random player, or invite a friend into your game. You can access Far Cry 6‘s co-op around two hours into the game, once you’ve completed the mission called ‘Du or Die’. To play with a friend, either visit the ‘Special Operations’ person in a camp, or head to the co-op icon in the top-right corner of the main menu.


So: a maximum of two players can play¬†Far Cry 6. And it’s worth bearing in mind that only the host player will keep story progress. The second player can jump in and out of a game at will, but won’t keep any progress relating to the story. That means if they then go to play by themselves, they’ll likely end up repeating missions.

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