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Age of Empires IV gates

How to Build Gates in Age of Empires IV

The best defence is a good offense. That, or a bloody big wall.

In Age of Empires IV, the first in series for nearly two decades, walls are even more important than ever. But without a gate even you can’t get past your own wall. So: how do you build a gate in Age of Empires IV? Let us indulge you.

If you have followed the Age of Empires series for the last few years, you’ll know that protecting your economy is key to success. This was first done by building a big army, then by fully walling your base. And more recently, the method of quick walling – pros building a wall with immense speed to either defend unprotected villagers or trap unwitting enemies – has become rather popular.

Now in Age of Empires IV, with infantry units having their ability to traverse forests, woods aren’t the impenetrable defence they once were. In the past you’d simply build a wall to your chosen woodline, vastly shortening the resources you needed to spend to defend your cities. Now this simply is not the case. Age of Empires IV requires more walling than ever if you want to be sure that the enemy isn’t nipping at your heels.

The only downside to a wall is that you’re stuck on one side too. Hence the humble door was invented. These are just as necessary in Age of Empires IV to keep your foes out, but can be a bit tricky to place. To build a gate, you must first have a wall in place. Once the template for your wall is up, you can then select the gate and place it at any suitable point along the wall.

Don’t worry if you have already built the wall; you can still place a gate in any built wall, as long as there is space for it.

And with that, you will be fully defended. Well until the siege turns up, at least. 

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