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How to Capture Sacred Sites in Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV sacred landmarks

Wondering how to capture sacred sites in Age of Empires IV? Here’s everything you need to know.

Age of Empires IV has just been released on PC. This follows a 15 year wait since the last instalment. Since this time there has been a surprising resurgence of eSports pro play of the series. With over two decades worth of digital warfare, pro and amateur players alike have been searching for new ways of playing these most treasured of RTS games,

Fortunately for us, Age of Empires IV brings not only new methods of warfare but also new ways of achieving victory. These new victory conditions can drastically change your focus in game and therefore immensely change your gameplay experience. One of these new victory conditions is to control all sacred sites on the map. And so: how do you capture a sacred sites in Age of Empires IV?

Your first question will likely be, what even is a sacred site? Well on the map they have a distinct appearance; think collapsed Stonehenge meets ancient Greek ruin. Ancient civilisation retro chic, if you will. They will be clearly identified on your minimap once you have located them too.

Capturing sacred sites is much more straightforward than you’d think. Simply recruit a monk from a monastery once you’ve hit the third age, and right-click on the sacred site. This monk will then begin the process of capturing the site. It takes them a fair while to do so though, so make sure you protect them.

Once you have captured all the sites you must protect them for 10 minutes (on default settings) from your opponent to win the game. They can send in their own monks to try and take away your control but if you defend the site well, this won’t be achieved and you’ll win! 

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