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Back 4 Blood

How to Customise Your Character’s Appearance in Back 4 Blood

If you’re playing Back 4 Blood, chances are you’re going to want to make your chosen character a little unique.

Thankfully you can change each character’s appearance in Back 4 Blood, and it’s not too difficult to do. Though you might have to play the game a little first. Players who have bought a special edition of the game, for example, might already have some customisations available to them. Others, however, will have to unlock new outfits and clothing items first by completing supply lines. So: here’s what you need to know about changing your appearance.

To change a character’s appearance in Back 4 Blood, first bring up the menu when in Fort Hope, then navigate to ‘cleaners’ tab with the shoulder buttons. There, you can select the character you want to customise. With Outfit selected, you can change between any outfit you’ve unlocked via the outfit box below.

If you want more customisation, however, select ‘Item Set’. This will allow you to create your own look from separate items placed on your head, body and legs.

Weapon skins can also be unlocked to make your character look that little bit more unique in Back 4 Blood. Again, you’ll generally need to unlock them first by completing supply lines, then they can be applied to your guns in the ‘Armory’ tab.

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