How to Heal in Dungeon Encounters

Dungeon Encounters

Let’s not beat around the bush: you’re going to take damage a lot in Dungeon Encounters. So you’ll want to know how to heal.

Unlike other RPGs, you don’t simply have a stash of potions ready to be used in Dungeon Encounters. When exploring the game board, you can only heal by visiting particular tiles. And in battle, you can only heal once you’ve unlocked an ability that allows you to do so.

The easiest way to heal is by visiting a Healing Fountain. These are marked in the dungeon by a white ’06’. Early on in the game, you’ll find Healing Fountains on most floors of the dungeon, and you can usually find a way to get to them by avoiding battles. Simply interact with the Healing Fountain tile, and all of your party will be healed. (KO’d characters, however, won’t be healed; you’ll need to visit a Resurrection Shrine to first bring them back.)

Eventually, you’ll also find an ability that lets you heal party members in the midst of combat. You’ll find it by exploring the dungeon and landing on a specific tile. Once you’ve found it, you’ll need to head to an Ability Station – marked with a white ’03’ in order to equip it. Once you’ve got it equipped, you can use it by choosing ‘Abilities’ on a party member’s turn during combat. You can then choose Heal and select the character you’d like to use it on.

Make sure you use a Healing Fountain at every opportunity you get, especially later on in the game when they’re not so common! It’s also worth noting down the location of each one you find; sometimes you’ll have to backtrack if you’re injured, and it’s helpful to know exactly where to go.

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