How to Holster Your Weapon in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

Putting your gun away in Far Cry 6 has some advantages, sometimes. Here’s how to holster your weapon.

Not having a gun in front of you in a first-person shooter might feel a bit alien, but there’s often a good reason for putting your weapon away in Far Cry 6. It helps you sneak past enemies without being as noticeable, for instance. And occasionally, approaching enemy guards without a weapon will give you the chance to bribe them for information. Run at them with a gun and they’re just going to shoot. But how do you holster your weapon in Far Cry 6?

To holster your weapon, hold your left shoulder button (L1/LB) to bring up the weapon wheel. On the right-hand side, you’ll see an icon of a holster. Select that, and Dani will put away their weapon.


Without a weapon, you have the chance to be more stealthy, though it’s probably not long before you need to arm yourself again. Don’t worry; simply pressing the right trigger (R2/RT) will quickly pull out your weapon again, and you’re ready to fire.

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