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Age of Empires IV play with friends

How to Play With Friends in Age of Empires IV

Playing with your friends is something we take for granted today.

But back when Age of Empires first started, it was a royal pain in the arse. Thankfully, there is no need for complicated LAN parties any more. Playing with friends in Age of Empires IV is easy; here’s what you need to know.

In Age of Empires IV, you simply press the “Group” button at the bottom left of your play screen. From there, you can set up a party of sorts by inviting your friends to you game.

The Group menu allows you to set up different styles of online games. Whether you want to play ranked duos, try and beat the computer in co-op or want to simply try your wits against each other you can in the multiplayer screen, you can set up a custom game to suit your needs.

Make sure to play around with the settings to try different starts, maps and unique game modes that will make your playing experience much more varied and interesting with your friends.

If you don’t have any mates online, you can always search for an online game and be matched with others, and who knows? You may just find a new best friend!

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