How to Use Photo Mode in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

Wondering how to use photo mode in Far Cry 6? We don’t blame you – there are plenty of beautiful sights to capture in the game.

Far Cry 6 does have a photo mode, but it’s hidden in the menu. On console, there’s no quick shortcut to bring it up (that we know of, anyway). So any time you want to snap a photo, you’ll need to navigate the menu. It’s a small price to pay – we’d rather that be the case than there be no photo mode at all.

So, to access photo mode in Far Cry 6, bring up the main menu. Once there, navigate all the way across to the right to ‘System’. In there, you’ll find the option for ‘Photo Mode’. Click it, and you’ll be taken back to the game, with freedom to create your own image.


There are plenty of tools to play around with in Far Cry 6‘s photo mode. You can change perspective from first person to third person, for instance; we’d recommend sticking with third person, as it gives you full freedom to move the camera around. You can pan, zoom, set your focus and apply a range of filters. Play around and have fun with it, and see what beautiful images you can capture on Yara.

When you’re ready to save your image, hit the button to remove the UI (square on PS4/PS5), then use your console’s built-in capture system to save it.

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