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Mothmen 1966 is a Strange, CGA-Style Visual Novel Coming Next Year

Mothmen 1966

Mothmen 1966 is… certainly a thing.

It’s surprisingly hard to pigeonhole; yes, creator LCB Game Studios and publisher Chorus Worldwide are pushing it as a visual novel but it heavily resembles a late 80s-era CGA adventure. The comparison’s particularly apt since, in the vein of those adventures, you can be dead in a matter of seconds. Our first hands-on experience of the game ended with our character being slaughtered by coyotes.

That said, this supernatural adventure doesn’t exactly paint your character as a sympathetic individual. In just a few lines of dialogue, it makes it very, very clear that the protagonist and his girlfriend’s relationship is on the rocks; we felt awkward just being a spectator, even before a giant bat impaled itself on our car aerial.

Mothman and the Leonid meteor shower of 1966 figure into the mix so you should count on things taking a turn for the very weird. We won’t spoil things any further, but the curiosity factor alone should make Mothmen 1996 worth a look. You won’t be doing much pointing and clicking but there are enough decisions to be made that death could potentially be round every corner.

Throw in an eerie MIDI-style soundtrack and you’ve got a game that seriously stands out. It’s also one of a trilogy of “Pixel Pulp” stories, all arriving next year and while we suspect aliens will figure into the mix, from what we’ve seen so far we’d be more than happy to just journey into the realms of cryptozoology.

Mothmen 1996 doesn’t have a solid release date, other than next year, but it’ll be on show at EGX 2021 from Oct 7th to 10th. The demo will also be available to download from Steam during that window.

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