Mundaun is Getting a Limited Physical Release on Nintendo Switch

Mundaun 3 (2)

Mundaun, a gorgeous but chilling folk horror game, is getting a limited Nintendo Switch cartridge release.

Mundaun, currently only available digitally, was developed by Hidden Fields, a one-person development house, the person in question being Swiss developer Michel Ziegler. So there’s every chance that more people will be involved in manufacturing Mundaun’s physical incarnation than actually making the game.

We reviewed the PS4 version of Mundaun when it launched back in March, remarking that it was “..far from perfect, but it’s destined to be a horror classic.” A Switch release arrived in May and it’s that version that’s becoming a cartridge, courtesy of Super Rare Games. Aside from the game itself, this physical release will feature a sticker and trading cards. The cards should be a cool thing to keep though, given the game’s eerie artwork, you could probably sneak them into a Magic the Gathering game and see how long it takes someone to notice.


The boxed, physical release has been announced in time for Halloween, in limited quantities, but you’ll have to wait till later this year to get your hands on it. It’ll eventually be able through Super Rare Games’ online shop but given how quickly the Dogworld boxed release sold out it might not be available for long.