Nintendo Have Released a Metroid Dread Demo

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread, the latest 2D entry in Nintendo’s alien-busting series arrived earlier this month. And now, thanks to a newly released demo, you can take it for a spin.

Samus, Nintendo’s bounty-hunting badass, is back. Her latest adventure, Metroid Dread, hit the Nintendo Switch this October 8th and, by most accounts, it’s rather good. But is it for you? Thanks to a new Metroid Dread demo, which has recently hit the Nintendo eShop, you can take it for an intergalactic test drive.

You can finish the demo in around half an hour, but it’s well worth playing. Why? Because a a few people have grumbled about the EMMIs that pursue Samus as she roams the alien complex. With the exception of a one-use-only pick-up, they’re unkillable so your only option is to run like hell. Is that too much of a departure from previous Metroid titles? The demo should let you judge that.

You can download the demo through your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo’s eShop web page, though you’ll need your Nintendo Switch to play it. If the game takes your fancy, you can purchase it physically or digitally right now.

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