Out Now on Consoles, Sheepo is a Pacifist Metroidvania Worth Checking Out

Though it released on PC back in August 2020, Sheepo is now available on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch – and if you like the idea of a metroidvania game mostly free of combat, it’s worth checking out.

Sheepo casts you as a little sheep-like character who has been tasked with one very important goal: he must collect eggs of various species in order to ensure they never go extinct. It’s a noble task, but it doesn’t come easy. Thankfully, Sheepo has a bunch of skills up his sleeve to help him along the way.

Like any good metroivania, Sheepo drip-feeds you new skills as you progress through the game. In Sheepo’s case, that means being able to take the form of the animal whose egg he’s just rescued. The first you’ll save is a bird; with that skill unlocked you can temporarily turn into a bird and reach new heights. You can’t use those new skills whenever you feel like it, however. You can only do so when you’re near that particular animal. By crossing paths with it, you can choose to take its shape.

While Sheepo is free from small combat encounters, you’ll still need to face off against big bosses. You don’t have any weapons yourself, but you can use the environment and the boss’ own abilities against it. Dodging, then, is your biggest weapon. You’ll need to stay agile in these encounters, jumping out of the way of attacks before they hit you.

Outside of these boss encounters, then, much of your time will be spent exploring Sheepo‘s world. Getting around can be challenging, and you’ll need to make use of the skills at your disposal. Along with those new skills you’ll accumulate, you can use teleportation spots, which essentially throw you into the air further than you’re able to jump yourself. There are lots of hazards out to get you, so precision is important, as is patience. It’ll undoubtedly take you a few attempts to get past certain obstacles, but with plenty of save points dotted around you’ll never lose too much progress.

Give our PC review of Sheepo a read by clicking here. If a pacifist metroidvania with a simple but pleasing art style sounds like your sort of thing, give it a go. Along with the PC version, it’s now also available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Switch. And, best of all, it only costs £9.89/$10.99 – a steal for several hours of engaging exploration.