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PC Building Simulator ASUS

PC Building Simulator is Now Free on Epic Games Store

This week’s free game on Epic Games Store is PC Building Simulator, and it’s available to download right now.

As the name of the game may suggest, PC Building Simulator is a game that simulates the art of building PCs. Funny, that. It takes itself rather seriously too, featuring a host of real-life brands, allowing players to create the PC of their dreams with none of the fuss.

In it, players will create and grow their own computer repair enterprise. You’ll diagnose customers’ PC issues, fix them and install new parts, along with building new systems from scratch with a range of leading manufacturer’s parts.

Typically, PC Building Simulator retails for £14.99, but you can add it to your Epic Games library right now for the grand total of zero. It’s available to claim until 4pm next Thursday, 14th October, so be sure to get it. No bank details are necessary – you just need to have an Epic Games account.

You can read more about PC Building Simulator here. Or see the game in action in the trailer below.

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