The Sundew, Arriving Next Week, Casts You as a Sidelined Cyborg Cop

The Sundew

We’ve learnt two important things today. One, pixel-art point-and-click The Sundew has an October 14th release date and two, puns like “dew next week” don’t really work in print.

The Sundew is the work of developer Agnès Vuillaume, who we interviewed back in March. As one-woman-studio 2054 she’s been working on this futuristic point-and-click adventure for around three years and now it’ll see the light of day next week.

Actually, maybe “light of day” is the wrong expression because the world of The Sundew isn’t a particularly happy and shiny one. Sporting shades of Blade Runner’s dystopia, it casts you as a cyborg cop in a world where robots are at the forefront of technology. Anna Isobe, your protagonist, may be part machine but she’s far from cutting edge.

That’s where you come in. As Anna, you uncover a conspiracy that not only sees you poking around the city’s backstreets but takes you beyond Shibukawa, your hallowed megatropolis. You’ll also get to “make decisions that will change the fate of humanity, for better or worse” which, in our case, means picking the absolute worst option then cackling like a maniac.

The Sundew arrives next week, Thursday October 14th, on the Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam and In the meantime, you can wishlist it on Steam.