Residentvania is the Castlevania/Resident Evil Village Mash-Up We Didn’t Know We Needed


Who’d have thought Castlevania and Resident Evil Village would work so well together?

Not us, though the more we think about it the more we’re kicking ourselves for not making the connection. A massive gloomy castle, ruled over by a an arch-vampire, packed with their minions and questionable decor choices? Why not?

And now, thanks to a developer by the name of OcO, you can experience a 2D mash-up of the two, a demake dubbed Residentvania. It casts you as Ethan “Ouchie” Winters, who makes his way through the castle (there’s no Symphony of the Night roaming) dispatching enemies with his trusty knife.


It breaks with Resident Evil Village canon a little in that you also encounter werewolves inside the castle, something that Lady D would surely never tolerate, and it is only about ten minutes long. But it’s such a joy to play if you’re a fan of either franchise that that we’d happily fork out for a full game if OcO and Capcom could put their heads together.

You can download Residentvania, playable on the PC, from here. It’s free though you have the option to chip in a few quid if you appreciate the work OcO has put in. Come on, Capcom, pick up that phone…