Returnal 2.0 Update Finally Allows You to Suspend Your Game

Returnal 1 (1)

Been put off playing Housemarque’s phenomenal Returnal because you effectively need to complete a run in one sitting? Now’s the time to jump in.

Today Returnal will receive its 2.0 update, and thankfully one of its major features is a new “Suspend Cycle” option. Basically, whenever you’re in a safe spot, you’ll be able to quit your game and save your current progress, allowing you to return at a later date and continue where you left off. It essentially allows you to save your game, then, but there’s one major caveat – when you resume your suspended cycle, the data will be cleared.

It’s a feature that will make Returnal more accessible – it was a bit of an ask to complete a run in one sitting, and using the PS5’s rest mode function to leave your game running was a bit hit and miss. With the new Suspend Cycle feature in place, you can now delve in and out of the game whenever you wish, and the inability to cheat by backing up your saves and then redownloading them makes sure the stakes are still high.

Suspend Cycle isn’t all that’s being added to Returnal in its 2.0 update though – a new photo mode is being introduced as well. You’ll be able to use photo mode at pretty much any point outside of first-person sequences; just pause the game and select photo mode. Along with the usual options of being able to move the camera around to line up your perfect shot, you’ll also be able to mess with setting such as focal aperture, and even set different sources of light.

These new additions will certainly be making us jump into the game again – if only to take some brilliant photos. Returnal is a fantastic looking game, after all. And if you’ve not yet given it a go and have a PS5, we very much recommend you to check it out. There’s a reason we gave it 10/10 in our review.