Saints Row’s Criminal Ventures Trailer Shows off its Side Activities

Saints Row Criminal Ventures

Saints Row has a new trailer which shows some of the shady and silly activities you can get up to in the upcoming reboot.

This dubbed “Criminal Ventures” doesn’t catalogue every single activity which is a relief since we’re still hoping we can splatter high-cost housing with raw sewage, Saints Row 2 style. Insurance fraud, another old-school Saints Row activity, is in there, letting you hurl yourself into traffic with the added bonus that cars explode when you hit them.

Compensation shenanigans aside, you’ll also get to tow cars, dispose of toxic waste for shady corporations and pull off heists. The twist is that each activity is tied to a business, so if you purchase the “Bright Future Disposal” facility, you build that business by sweeping that waste under someone else’s carpet. The more activities you engage in, the faster your business grows.

Sound familar? It should. It looks like Saints Row’s empire building is the equivalent of the original series’ respect system, where you had to complete side activities to “purchase” main missions. We do like the idea of building the Saints Row empire from scratch, though we do have one reservation – the Saints themselves seem a bit rubbish.


Still, there’s a good few months till Saints Row’s released so maybe we’ll be proven wrong. Saints Row arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC this February 25th.

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