Saints Row’s New Trailer Introduces the Reboot’s Districts

Saints Row

Typical. You wait for one Saints Row reboot trailer, then two come along at once.

But unlike the last one, the new narrated “Districts of Santo Ileso” trailer names the areas you’ll get to explore when the reboot hits next year. It sports a massive fifteen districts, all having their own feel and all of which your street gang will have to conquer.

The districts are in turn grouped into zones, each controlled by a particular gang. These zones are:


Rancho Providence, controlled by Los Panteros, has a weathered appearance and, from what we’ve seen, is where you’ll find Saints Row’s poorer districts.

Lakeshore is the game’s “Urban Jungle”, run by the Marshall gang, is where you’ll find the city’s upmarket shopping and business areas, complete with towering skyscrapers.

Monte Vista, home to the Idols gang, is where you’ll find upper class gated communities, mansions and so forth.

The city does look suitably striking and seems to have more character as location than Steelport or Stillwater, where the previous Saints Row games took place. However, this short video is just one of several that Volition and Deep Silver will be releasing as Saints Row’s February 2022 release draws closer. The next video will feature a look at the new criminality system, exploring just what happens when you start breaking the law. We’ll keep you posted.

Saints Row arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC this February 25th.

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