Stubbs the Zombie is the Epic Games Store’s Next Free Game

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse 1

Fancy a bit of brain-eating? Then Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse, the Epic Games Store’s next free game, could be right up your street when.

True, we weren’t all that taken with it when we reviewed it, despite Aspyr’s efforts to remaster it, it was showing its age. The original Stubbs the Zombie was released in 2005 on the Xbox and PC and was absent from digital storefronts for several years. But as a freebie, this oddball third-person action adventure is definitely worth diving into.

It casts you as a zombified travelling salesman, the titular Stubbs, who, having been murdered by as yet unknown parties, rises from his grave to discover a futuristic town has been built over his final resting place. He sets out for revenge on well, anybody really, turning them into zombies who, in turn, zombify others.

Naturally, being the Epic Games Store, it’s the PC version you’ll be getting for free. You do need an account but you won’t have to fork out a penny for. You’ve got from October 14th to October 21st to sink your teeth into Stubbs the Zombie. You have nothing to lose but your rich, tasty brains.