Awkward is one of the best games for couples, providing you’re both open with each other, willing to reveal some secrets and up for a bit of embarrassing fun. A quiz rather than a game, Awkward has been designed to be played with romantic partners (although you can play with friends if you’d prefer). Questions start out fairly tame, but soon get more personal and intimate. If you’re not comfortable talking about your sex life or your previous romantic encounters, then this isn’t the game for you. After all, Awkward is literally the name of the game.

Played in a safe space with someone you trust though, Awkward can be a great way to get to know your partner a little better, and have some fun in the meantime. It’s a PS4 game, but it’s playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility. And so, if you’re down for some open conversation and some honest truths from your partner, this is one of the best PS5 games for couples.