3It Takes Two

It Takes Two

We couldn’t possibly have a list of best PS5 games for couples without including It Takes Two on it. This is a game designed to be played by two players – you literally cannot play it any other way. And with the protagonists Cody and May being a married couple themselves, it’s the perfect game to be played by romantic partners.

Cody and May aren’t your typical couple, however; they’ve unwittingly been turned into a pair of tiny dolls by their daughter. And they haven’t been on the best of terms lately – divorce has been on the cards. But they must overcome their differences and work together if they ever want to get back to their human form. That means exploring a gorgeous giant world and embarking on an adventure that includes platforming, puzzle-solving, combat and working together.

It looks gorgeous, particularly on PS5 where it shines as brightly as a Pixar movie. We’d recommend only tackling this if both players are somewhat used to playing games, though.

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