5A Way Out

A Way Out comes from the same team as It Takes Two, and as such, it’s another game that can only be played in co-op. This time, the story focuses around Leo and Vincent. They’re prison inmates and together, they’ve hatched up a plan to escape. With you and your partner each taking on the role of one of the men, you’ll have to carry out their plan. But getting outside the prison walls is only the beginning. It turns out life on the outside isn’t going to be easy for two runaway convicts.

Over the course of the game you’ll learn more about Leo and Vincent, and their separate lives. You’ll need to stealth past police officers, work together to solve puzzles, and help each other out in a big world where everyone’s out to get you. It’s a fantastic game, and one of the best co-op games of recent years. The fact it relies so much on teamwork makes it one of the best games for couples on PS5.

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