If you and your partner haven’t been together very long, then playing Catherine together might be a little bit awkward. Part puzzle game, part visual novel, it tells the story of Vincent; a young man who finds himself torn between his long-term girlfriend Katherine and the alluring newcomer Catherine. Play the Full Body versionĀ and a third, Qatherine (or ‘Rin’) is thrown into the mix, too.

While cheating on his girlfriend might not sound very romantic, seeing the story play out as a couple can be fun. As can discussing Vincent’s options and deciding on what he should do. The game’s puzzles, tricky as they are, are also fun to play together, as is answering the ‘morality’ questions that the game occasionally throws your way. CatherineĀ isn’t technically a co-op game, but it’s still easy to enjoy together, and makes for one of the best games for couples on PS5.

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