7Cat Quest II

If you and your partner would rather play something more easy-going, Cat Quest II might be the perfect game. It’s an easy-to-pick up RPG adventure that has you playing as an adorable cat and dog duo. Together, you’re on a quest to save the kingdom. Evil is afoot, and if you don’t defeat it, the whole world will be in danger. Standard fantasy stuff, then.

We think Cat Quest II is one of the best games for couples on PS5 because it’s easy for beginners to pick up. If your other half isn’t as well-versed as you, it’s a simple game to get to grips with. Player two can hang back and let player one do all the heavy-lifting, if needs be! Exploring the world is a joy thanks to the cartoon-style visuals, and the amount of loot on offer means there’s always a reason to keep playing and exploring.

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