3Tetris Effect Connected

While the base game of Tetris may be a solitary experience, Tetris Effect Connected comes with a wealth of co-op and multiplayer modes designed to be played together. Co-operatively, there’s the ‘Connected’ mode. Although this is designed to be played with three players, the third position can be filled with AI. It’s a unique twist on Tetris; you’ll each have your own grid to work on, but every so often all three grids will join into one, and you’ll have to work together to clear lines. It’s a great way to work together and communicate in order to achieve the best score.

And if you fancy a bit of healthy competition, Tetris Effect Connected has several head-to-head modes available, too. We find Tetris is a great game to play competitively with a loved one; it’s fun without ever getting quite heated enough to start an argument! And since it’s on Xbox Game Pass, it’s undoubtedly one of the best games for couples you can play on there.

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