4Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea

Okay, we’re cheating a little bit here. Call of the Sea isn’t a co-op game; it’s a single-player narrative-driven puzzle adventure. But its format and its puzzles mean, in our opinion, that it’s a great game to play together – particularly if your other half isn’t as well-versed at video games as you are. The story follows Norah, a woman on an expedition to a remote island in order to find her husband. He set out to find a cure for her mysterious illness, but he hasn’t returned home – so she’s following in its footsteps.

The gripping story is something that couples will enjoy together, and the wealth of puzzles in the game are tricky enough that two heads are certainly better than one when it comes to finding the solution. Pass the controller or let one player take the reins, but we’re fairly confident in saying Call of the Sea is one of the best games for couples on Xbox Game Pass.

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