5Goat Simulator

If you and your partner enjoy being silly together, then Goat Simulator is undoubtedly one of the best games for couples on Xbox Game Pass. This satirical ‘simulator’ game puts you in the role of a goat and pretty much gives you free rein to wreak havoc around the world however you see fit. Sure, there are some missions to complete if you want, but the real fun of Goat Simulator is simply mucking around in the game’s sandbox.

It’s not a serious game by any means, and as its several years old it’s starting to show its age. But for games all about being silly, this is one of the best. You and your partner can play together in split screen, each taking control of your own goat and causing as much chaos as possible. Entering someone’s house and destroying their furniture? No problem. Throwing yourself out of a window? Sure. Getting run over? If you really want to, why not.

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