• Developer: Sunhead Games
  • Publisher: Humble Games

Carto is just gorgeous. This adventure game casts you as a young girl on an adventure – but it’s not an adventure like anything else you’ve been on. You see, to explore the world around you, you need to uncover and place map tiles. And the position of the tiles you place on your map will determine where you can explore. The same tiles can be moved around in order to uncover new places. It’s a unique mechanic and one that works very, very well in practice.

Along with the puzzle of placing down the map, Carto is a gorgeous adventure game that see yous travelling through a sumptuous hand-drawn world. You’ll meet a variety of people, help them with their problems, and ultimately, end up where you’re supposed to be. It’s a truly engaging adventure that mixes innovation with tried-and-tested gameplay, and the result is something special. It’s one of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass for sure.

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