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Kena: Bridge of Spirits

The Best PS4 Games for Girls

PS4 Games That Girls Will Love

Life is Strange Episode 4

Video games are for everyone, but the fact of the matter is that girls may be more interested in some than others.

Girls, especially younger girls, may still see some games as being ‘for boys’. And that’s fine. Now more than ever, there’s a huge range of games suitable for all ages and all genders. Games for girls might typically shy away from violence and gunplay, instead focusing on puzzles, adventure and life sim elements. Thankfully, there are plenty of them.

Click on through our list to see our best picks of games for girls on PS4. We’ve included a range of genres, suitable for different age ranges. Not all of these games will be suitable for really young players, however, so bear that in mind when you’re skimming through.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Without a doubt, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is one of the best PS4 games for girls. It’s rated ‘Teen’, but we think slightly younger players, as long as they’re competent, will be able to enjoy this too. It tells the story of the titular Kena; she’s a spirit guide, which means she helps spirits find their way to the next life. The game sees her visit a village that underwent a terrible disaster, and during the course of the game she’ll help a number of spirits who are trapped there.

The game features quite a bit of combat, but it’s interspersed with exploration through a gorgeous world. A real highlight of the game, though, is the adorable Rot that accompany Kena. These fluffy black companions will follow Kena on her journey, offering support when she’s fighting against enemies and also helping her solve puzzles in the environment.

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Life is Strange

Since it deals with some pretty heavy topics, we wouldn’t recommend Life is Strange for young players, but for teenage girls, it’s one of the best PS4 games out there. Across five episodes, Life is Strange tells the story of Max Caulfield, a high school student with a very special power; she can control time.

But this isn’t a happy-go-lucky tale of superheroes. Max’s power helps (and hinders) her with many heavy topics, such as helping her classmates through very difficult decisions – and, ultimately, saving the entire town. It’s essentially a high school drama that you get to play yourself, with a supernatural twist. Think 13 Reasons Why, with magical powers thrown into the mix.

There’s also a prequel story, in Before the Storm, which focuses on Max’s best friend Chloe. And the latest release, Life is Strange: True Colors offers similar gameplay with an entirely new story. We’d not hesitate to recommend any of these as great games for teenage girls.

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New Super Lucky’s Tale

New Super Lucky's Tale

As a super-colourful 3D platforming game, New Super Lucky’s Tale is suitable for players of any age. And thanks to its adorable fox protagonist and its story about rescuing a loved one, we think it’ll certainly appeal to girls.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is level-based, with different levels offering different types of challenges. Some levels are little puzzles, tasking players with using their noggins to reach the end. Some allow for open exploration, with players freely wandering around a 3D environment to find secrets, collect coins and more. Other levels are 2D, seeing you move from left to right to reach the end. The nice mixture of content means New Super Lucky’s Tale does a great job of keeping players entertained, not to mention its gorgeous visuals, touches of humour and adorable characters. It’s one of the best games for girls on PS4, without a doubt.

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Spiritfarer is simply a beautiful game, and it’s one that we think will especially resonate with girls. You play as Stella, a young girl herself who has been tasked with a very important job: she’s the titular Spiritfarer, the person whose job it is to ferry people from one life to the next. It sounds heavy – and it is, this is a game that deals with deal. But it also teaches important lessons, like learning to let go, understanding grief, and facing up to your past.

During the course of Spiritfarer, players will meet a wide variety of wonderful characters. Stella will take care of them on her boat, building somewhere for them to live, and cooking meals to keep them fed. You’ll also grow crops, raise animals and explore a wide range of islands, each with their own unique feel. It’s the type of game that players can take at their own pace, which makes it perfect for younger players. There’s no pressure to reach goals in a certain time, and simply existing in Spiritfarer‘s world is a rather special experience. While it might not be appropriate for really young players, there’s no doubting that this is one of the best PS4 games for girls.

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Even as a fully-grown adult woman, I absolutely adored Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. I almost wish I could go back in time and play it for the first time as a young girl, as it’s a truly magical adventure that children, particularly girls, will absolutely adore.

In it, you take on the role of Alba, a young girl who’s spending the summer with her grandparents on a Spanish-inspired island. She’s been visiting all her life, so she’s got friends here and all the locals know her. But there’s a tragedy afoot: the run-down nature reserve is about to be destroyed, and turned into a huge hotel. Alba and her friends want to stop this happening, and so she needs to prove how important the nature reserve actually is. Players will explore the island, find creatures, help them, and work through a variety of story-driven missions.

It isn’t a very long game, but every moment with Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is wonderful. It’s particularly suited to younger player, as it teaches the importance of looking after your local area and the wildlife within it. It’s certainly one of the best PS4 games for girls available right now.

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Katamari Damacy REROLL

Katamari Damacy REROLL is slightly different from the other games on this list, but it’s one that we reckon girls of any age will love, simply because it’s so much fun. If you’re not familiar with the series, Katamari is one of the most random game franchises ever to exist: it’s a game about… rolling stuff up. That sounds bizarre, but in practice it’s a lot of fun. As The Prince, you’ll roll a Katamari – a ball, basically – around various environments, picking things up as you go. When it’s small, your Katamari might only be able to grab paperclips and small objects. But as it grows, you can pick up bigger and bigger objects. Some levels let you create a Katamari as big as the world. No, seriously.

So, yes, this is one very bizarre game, but it’s also a lot of harmless fun. No matter their age, this is one of the best PS4 games for girls. It’s bright, it’s colourful, and with so many levels to play through, there’s an endless amount of replayability here.

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Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits is another PS4 game that’s best suited to teenage girls, but its place on this list is well-earned. It’s a visual novel, which means that gameplay mostly consists of reading through text and making decisions. But it tells a wonderfully engaging story that will resonate with many girls.

You play the role of a new girl in town, who’s just landed a job in a run-down arcade. Over the course of the game you’ll make new friends, have the chance to explore romantic options by going on dates, and uncover a dark plot at hand of someone wanting to buy out the arcade. Can you save the arcade and keep your friends along the way? We love Arcade Spirits, and we think many others will, too.

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