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The Long Dark Episode 4

The Long Dark Episode 4, Available Now, Sends You to the Slammer

The Long Dark Episode 4: Fury, Then Silence, developed during the ongoing pandemic, is out now.

This survival game’s fourth episode is far from the only gaming project to be developed mid-pandemic; the Not For Broadcast team, for example, put out an entire extra episode under lockdown. But whereas NFB’s lockdown special was played for laughs, Fury, Then Silence is a grimmer affair altogether.

It sees protagonist MacKenzie, already struggling to survive the freezing Canadian wilderness, locked up behind bars. Yes, an episode about being locked up on your own was partially developed during a period of isolation, something that hasn’t escaped developers Hinterland.

“Within our small team, we’ve experienced the highs of births and new life, and the deep lows of losing people we love. The parallels between our isolation and fears of the outside world and Mackenzie’s experience in the episode were not lost on us,” explains developer Raphael van Lierop on the Episode 4 news page.

The Long Dark has been in development for quite some time, starting back in 2017 and is sufficiently entertaining to have made our list of The Best Survival Games on PS4. It launched with a survival mode but the episode “Wintermute” story mode has been released, episode by episode, since then.

Fury, Then Silence is the penultimate episode, though there’s no solid release date for the fifth. Still, if previous episodes are anything to go by (all episodes are free once you’ve purchased the main game), this new chunk of content should keep players occupied for a while.

The Long Dark, up to and including Episode 4 is available for Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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