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There’s a Trailer for the Uncharted Movie and it’s… er… Something

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Today, Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a trailer for the upcoming Uncharted movie.

Look, we don’t want to sit here and pass judgment. It might be amazing. All we’re going to say is to temper your expectations a little, because it’s probably not going to be. But it might. Who are we to say, really? Give the trailer a watch at the bottom of this post and make up your own mind. If you think it looks awesome, we’re happy for you.

As we already knew, Tom Holland (aka Spider-Man) takes the lead role as Nathan Drake, Uncharted‘s protagonist. It’s hard to see him fit the role as he looks nothing like the Drake we’re used to. He’s far too young, for one. Accompanying him is Mark Wahlberg, who takes on the role of Sully.

At the very least, it could be entertaining in a cheesy way. It looks like it comes with all the thrills and spills that you’d expect from a big-budget action movie, including a scene where Tom Holland falls out of a plane, lifted directly from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

We’ll reserve further judgment until we’ve seen the whole thing. We’ll watch it, because we like films. But we won’t get too excited about it, because we like good films. Uncharted is coming to cinemas on 18th February next year.

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