Weekend Musings #2: Scary Games vs Scary Films

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With Halloween coming up, I’m (obviously) thinking about scary stuff.

I’m not big on Halloween. Partly because I’m British, and I was born in a time where Halloween simply meant wearing a bin-bag and a 49p plastic mask and asking your neighbours for sweets. Don’t get me wrong, trick-or-treating as a kid was epic – my brother, our friends and I used to get massive sweet hauls, and even quite a bit of money. But as an adult, it all seems like too much faff. Decorating the house? Get out of here. Putting the Christmas tree up is enough effort as it is.

Anyway. One part of Halloween that I can get on board with is scary films and games. I absolutely love a good horror. Although finding something that actually scares me, other than the odd cheap jump, is quite a task. I’ll barely flinch. Gory stuff? No problem. Haunted houses? Seen it all before. Possessed teenagers? Old news. I’ll watch almost any horror film in the hope of finding a true hidden gem.

When it comes to horror games though… it’s a different story. Within minutes of the title screen coming up, even as a slightly unsettling score plays in the background, my palms get sweaty, my heart starts racing and I just can’t do it. The second something even hints at jumping out at me, I’m noping all the way out of there. Sorry.

The thing is, I love horror games. I just can’t play them by myself. I absolutely love to watch Rich play them, or play them together, but there’s no way I’m playing one by myself. I got about an hour into Resident Evil 2 before I had to give up. Same with Prey. And that’s not even full-on horror. Yes, I’m a wuss. I’ll openly admit it.

There are a few exceptions. I’m very much looking forward to playing the next instalment of The Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes, when it releases later this month. Perhaps it’s because we can play that together in the pass-the-controller party mode. It takes a bit of the pressure off.

What scary games are you looking forward to playing this Halloween? And what films can you recommend to me that might actually scare me? Shout at me on Twitter @ichangedmyname. I’d love your recommendations!

Related: I’ve recently developed an aversion to the word ‘spooky’. It’s a crap word. There, I said it.

And also, following on from last week, I can confirm that Tetris Effect on an OLED Switch is every bit as joyous as I’d hoped.

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Have a great weekend, everyone!