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Back 4 Blood

What Difficulty Should You Play Back 4 Blood On?

Back 4 Blood has three difficulty levels to choose from, all with different modifiers. So, which one should you choose?

What difficulty you play Back 4 Blood on will have a major impact on your gameplay experience, so it’s essential you make the right choice. We’d personally recommend that all new players start on the easiest difficulty – Classic – to learn the basics before jumping into a harder difficulty. But maybe you’re a glutton for punishment and want a bigger challenge.

Each of the three difficulty levels, Recruit, Survivor and Nightmare, have their own modifiers and quirks. We suggest you read their descriptions carefully before choosing what’s right for you.

Here’s a run-down of each difficulty level:

Recruit Difficulty
  • Players have additional health, ammo, extra strikes and trauma resistance
  • Deal extra damage to enemies
  • Extra healing and trauma recovery between saferooms
  • No friendly fire
  • 2 continues
Survivor Difficulty
  • More Mutations will spawn
  • Enemies are harder to defeat than Classic difficulty
  • 35% friendly fire
  • 2 continues
Nightmare Difficulty
  • The hardest difficulty
  • Players have one less strike
  • Take additional trauma damage while incapacitated
  • Ridden have increased health and deal extra damage
  • 60% friendly fire
  • 1 continue

A key difference between the three difficulty levels in Back 4 Blood is that Classic Difficulty is the only one that doesn’t have friendly fire. In Survivor or Nightmare, it means your bullets will deal damage to your teammates. It can be hard to avoid them in the thick of the action.

The game itself recommends that Nightmare difficulty is only played by truly experienced players as a single chapter will likely take many tries to complete.

Of course, the harder the difficulty level, the more rewards you’ll get. Higher difficulties give players more supply points, which are used to buy new cards. On Recruit difficulty, supply points earned are cut in half, while on Nightmare difficulty you get an additional 50%.

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