What Difficulty Should You Play Far Cry 6 On?

Far Cry 6

If you’re just starting out with Far Cry 6, you might be wondering what difficulty to play on. Let us help you decide.

Interestingly, there are only two difficulty modes to choose from in Far Cry 6: Story Mode, and Action Mode. Essentially, think of them as Normal and Hard. But which one should you choose?

Story Mode is the easiest of the two difficulties, and it’s designed for players who want to focus on story and exploration. You’ll take less damage from enemies, and you’ll recover faster when you do take damage. Essentially, there’s less risk of dying when you’re in combat.


Action Mode, on the other hand, is essentially Far Cry 6‘s hard difficulty. There’s more emphasis on combat here; you’ll take more damage, and you’ll recover from damage more slowly. If you play on Action Mode, you’ll have to be more careful and considerate with enemy encounters – you can’t simply run into an enemy camp, all guns blazing.

So: if you enjoy challenging combat, taking your time and considering the best way to take out enemies, then Action Mode may be for you. But if you prefer to simply run and gun with less risk of dying, then we’d recommend Story Mode. There’s no right or wrong answer, and the difficulty you select won’t affect trophy/achievement progression.

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