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10 Things You Need to Kit Out Your Ultimate Gaming Room

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So. You’ve got a dedicated space for your gaming set up. Now you just need to make it look the part.

Having a gaming room, or even a gaming nook, is something most of us have dreamed about. And it’s probably not until we’re grown up, with houses of our own, that we can even begin to think about making it happen. But if you’re lucky enough to have your own gaming room, we’ve put together 10 things you need to kit out your ultimate gaming room.

From lights to coasters to cushions to chairs, we’ve tried to think of everything you need to make the perfect space.

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PlayStation Icons Light

One thing you definitely need in your ultimate gaming room setup is a really cool light. There are tonnes to choose from, like this Tetris one or even this Yoshi egg. One of our favourites though, is the PlayStation Icons light from Paladone. It’s made up of the four iconic PlayStation symbols, each lighting up in their respective colours. Okay, it’s not really a light about visibility – we wouldn’t recommend trying to read under it. But it certainly looks sharp, and will add some vibrancy to any gaming setup.

If you’d rather have an Xbox light, don’t worry; Paladone have you covered there too, with an Xbox globe light.

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Gaming Cushion

Just how incredible is this Streets of Rage cushion? No gaming room will be complete without completely over-the-top gaming themed cushion, and UK outlet Insert Coin has you covered. Along with Streets of Rage, there are also DOOM, Fallout, Mass Effect and Animal Crossing cushions available on the store. Just think how nice one of these would look sat in your gaming chair – or a couple scattered across the sofa. The dream, really.

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Gaming Rug

There’s a surprising amount of gaming-themed rugs on Amazon, actually, but this one caught our eye. It’s a rainbow-coloured retro-themed rug, featuring Pac-Man and icons of various consoles and controllers of days gone by. If you’ve got space around your seating area in your gaming room, it’ll make the perfect addition to your floor. Is it a bit over-the-top? Maybe. But we say why have a gaming room at all if you can’t go all out in it?

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Art from Displate

There are literally thousands of pieces of gaming-related art you can buy from Displate. We love these minimal art-splatter effect pieces in the picture above, but from posters to ‘gaming quotes’, there’s just about anything you can think of. Displate print their artwork on metal boards, which are then attached to your wall with magnets. They look wonderful, and liven up any gaming room with a bit of colour.

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Officially Licensed Xbox Alarm Clock

This clock is just so ridiculous that we love it. Why have any alarm clock when you can have one shaped like an Xbox controller? It’s a very good idea to have a clock in your gaming room so you can keep track of the time while you’re getting lost in your favourite game. You can even use this to set an alarm so you don’t end up gaming for too long (we’ve all been there).

If you’d rather have a PlayStation-themed alarm clock, never fear. Here’s one shaped exactly like a DualShock 4.

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Andaseat Marvel Edition

Key to any good gaming set-up is somewhere comfortable to put your butt. And we can’t recommend Andaseat enough. We reviewed a slightly different model gaming chair earlier this year, but the Marvel range is second to none. There’s Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Ant Man or Spider-Man to choose from – and we think the Spider-Man design is perhaps the most iconic of the lot. The build quality is outstanding, so no matter your size you’re going to be sitting comfortably here. You can adjust the height, lean and arm rests to get it just right, and there’s also an adjustable neck pillow. Chair heaven, basically. Perfect for any ultimate gaming room or nook.

Buy from Andaseat

Dreo Space Heater

Dreo Space Heater

A heater? That’s not a gaming accessory, we hear you cry. You’re right, but hear us out. You want your gaming room to be warm and cosy, right? And if you’re hidden away from the world, playing your favourite game, you probably don’t want the hassle of heating up the whole house. Enter the Dreo Space Heater. This thing is so small and compact you can sit it on your desk, or underneath to warm up your toes. It oscillates too, spreading glorious, warm air throughout the room. So yes, it might be an obscure choice, but the Dreo Space Heater makes the perfect gaming companion.

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XGIMI Halo Projector

If you’re going to go all out in your fancy gaming room… then you may as well do so in style. Why stick to an ordinary TV set or monitor when you can have a projector? There are dozens of projectors to choose from, but we love the XGIMI Halo. It’s tiny, for one, allowing you to take it just about anywhere with you. It holds a charge, so it doesn’t even need to be plugged into the mains. Hook it up to your PC or console, however, and you can have a sharp 1080p picture, blown up to huge proportions. How big is your wall? That’s your only limitation.

Buy from XGIMI

Cable Guys Controller Holder

sonic cable guys

When it’s not in use, you want somewhere nice to leave your controller. Cable Guys are the perfect solution – these plastic figures are shaped on your favourite video game or geeky character, and can be used to hold a controller or smartphone. There are tonnes to choose from – Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Master Chief, even Groot or Baby Yoda – but we absolutely love this Sonic one. When you’re playing something, he’s simply a nice Sonic figurine, bringing some life to your gaming room. And when your controller’s not in use, he really does look like he’s lifting it up. Thanks for your support, Sonic.

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Gaming Coasters

You’re going to need somewhere to put your drink in your gaming room, and of course you’re going to want game-themed coasters. There are tonnes to choose from, but our favourites are these PlayStation ones from Numskull. Available in a pack of four, they’re shaped like teeny-tiny PS1 games, complete with jewel cases. You, of course, can’t open them up to find a teeny-tiny disc inside, but they’re still a wonderful novelty nonetheless. There’s nowhere better to keep your drink than on Parappa the Rapper’s face.

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