Among Us’s New Update Has Shape-Shifting, Microtransactions and More

Among Us

Among Us’s new update has been revealed.. and it’s live already! Best of all, it muddies the waters by letting you shapeshift into another player.

Oh, sure, there are other roles and features but the sheer paranoia you can sow and the number of people an Impostor can frame by shapeshifting has us rubbing our hands together in glee. That’s it, you can go home now. Really? If you insist.

There are four new roles, Shapeshifter being one of them. A host can determine to what extent, if any, a game uses these roles so you’re not obliged to ditch your old game. The other new roles are Crewmate roles and are:

  • Guardian Angel. This Crewmate, who may or may not have to be dead, can protect the remaining survivors.
  • Engineer. The engineer can use the vents to travel around, something that’s previously only been available to the Impostor.
  • Scientist. You can access Crewmate vitals at any time, though this ability will, seemingly, need recharging by completing tasks.

There are other changes, which you can read about on developer Innersloth’s site, but the most significant one is that there are now cosmetic microtransactions. You can unlock skins and the like with beans, which you earn from “winning” Among Us and so forth, but you can also buy skins using in-game credits, stars, that you purchase with real money.

The latter makes more sense on mobiles, given that Among Us is free but, given you pay money for the game on PC and Nintendo Switch (and, soon, PS4 and Xbox) it seems a little off. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to make a lot of people very nervous.

Among Us is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and will be coming to Xbox and PS4 this December.