2Night Book

Night Book

Released in July 2021 and made entirely under Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, Night Book is a very interesting prospect. It follows Loralyn, an online interpreter, as she signs in for a night shift at work. But this shift will be no normal day at work for her; her client wants her to translate some text from an ancient language – one she’s privileged enough to understand – but doing so has some very dire consequences indeed.

Cue a 90-minute tense romp filled with scares, possessed fathers, enraged husbands, evil entities and a whole lot more. Yes, it’s over the top – aren’t all FMVs? – and its story may be a little clichéd and cheesy, but it’ll keep you gripped for its run time. It’s about the length of a movie, so it’s perfect for spending an evening with.

And with lots of different outcomes for Loralyn and her family, you’ll likely want to jump in it multiple times to see how else things could have ended. Maybe you’ll get a happy ending. Maybe everyone will wind up dead. There’s only one way to find out….

Night Book is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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