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The Best Limited Edition Xbox Consoles

Halo Infinite Xbox Limited Edition

This week marks Xbox’s 20th anniversary. Microsoft’s home console is all grown up!

Officially out of its teenage years, Xbox has been around since 2001. From Xbox to Xbox Series X and everything in between, the format has had quite the lifecycle, and it’s stronger than ever. Alongside first-rate games and industry-leading technology, though, there’s one other thing that we love Xbox for: the sheer amount of limited edition consoles it has brought out.

Since the very first Xbox console in the early 2000s, every generation has had a wealth of special edition consoles sporting enviable designs. We’re not talking the super-limited ones given to staff or one-offs given way to prize winners; we’re focusing on the retail editions – the consoles available to buy in shops. We’ve delved back into Xbox’s history and we’re looking back at the best limited edition Xbox consoles from the last 20 years.

Xbox: Halo Green Special Edition

Xbox Halo Green Special Edition
Image: Amazon

We’ve always loved translucent technology, and in the early 2000s, see-through stuff was at its peak. And so, this Halo Green Special Edition, released in 2004 and bundled with Halo Combat Evolved, was the height of fashion. It wasn’t the only translucent Xbox, either. There was also a white Crystal Edition that gave you a glimpse of your console’s innards.

Xbox 360: Gears of War 3 Edition

Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Edition

We’ve advanced a generation now, and this Gears of War 3 special edition Xbox 360 is one of our all-time favourites. The red and black colour scheme is stunning even now, and the unmistakable Gears of War logo emblazoned on top of the console is just perfect. It was bundled with Gears of War 3, and played a special sound when powering on – something that many limited edition Xbox consoles have done since.

Xbox 360: Star Wars Limited Edition

Xbox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition

Did you know: There was a Star Wars game for Kinect. And to celebrate its release, Microsoft went to the effort of making a limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360. The console itself is decorated in white and blue, resembling the markings of everyone’s favourite droid, R2-D2. The controller, on the other hand, is gaudy and gold – presumably to represent his pal, C3PO. We love the console, the controller not so much. Sorry, C3PO.

Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 Limited Edition

Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 Limited Edition

One of the first Xbox One limited edition consoles, this Forza Motorsport 6 edition is classy and understated. We love the blue colour, and the stripes running down the console and the controller are a wonderful touch. Our favourite thing about this special edition console, though, is the ‘start/stop’ detailing around the power button. Simply magnificent.

Xbox One X Hyperspace Special Edition

Hyperspace Special Edition Xbox One X 3 (1)

There were several Xbox One X special editions, but this one is perhaps our favourite. Released in 2019, the Xbox One X Hyperspace Special Edition is understated, elegant, and also colourful as heck. We love the paint-splattered effect on top of the console. It’s beautiful. And we’re gutted we don’t own one.

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Limited Edition

It’d be rude of us not to include the latest limited edition Xbox console. Released just this week, the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition is the first limited edition Series X console, and we suspect there’ll be many more. And whether or not you like Halo, there’s no denying that this thing is beautiful. Sadly, they sold out pretty quickly at pre-order, but we can hope that more become available – especially considering Halo Infinite isn’t even out yet.

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