2Counter Spy

Some of the games on this list are perhaps controversial choices, so we wanted to start with an indisputable spy game. Counter Spy launched in 2014 and plays from a 2.5D perspective. With platforming, puzzle-solving and over-the-shoulder shooting sections, your aim is to infiltrate various military complexes and avert disaster in an alternate version of Cold War history.

Choosing your loadout before each mission, you’ll access each facility with an empty Defcon gauge. Each alarm tripped or alerted guard will add to this meter. Reach Defcon 1 and fill that meter and it’s curtains for you. Well, curtains/nuclear apocalypse… potato/potahto

It may not be the best game you’ll ever play, but it does offer a great spy game experience on PS4. Counter Spy was also added to PlayStation Plus in 2015, so if you’re anything like us and have a bulging digital drawer of PS Plus titles yet to be played, it may be worth having a dig around and giving this one some time. Keep in mind, however, that the servers shut down several years ago, leaving the Platinum trophy unobtainable.