Remember those VR missions from the original Metal Gear Solid? Volume does. Don’t worry, though, it does a great job in its own right.

A somewhat cutesy, top-down puzzler, Volume has you ducking in lockers, around corners and beneath low walls as you “Evade”, “Avoid” and “Adapt” to the levels around you. Playing as the unarmed Locksley, your aim is to use your environments and an increasing arsenal of gadgets to distract the guards, all so you can collect the gems scattered throughout the levels.

Each guard has a vision cone which you’ll need to avoid, or somehow distract away from you. You can even use a toilet flush to catch their attention. Be careful, though; enemies in Volume won’t sync back up with their buddies and carry on like nothing has happened. Once off their pattern, they won’t be quite the same again, meaning you have to adapt to the changing situation.

Avoid detection, collect gems and distract the guards if you need to? Sounds like one of the best spy games on PS4 to us. With 100 levels to get through, the “just one more” feeling is strong with Volume.

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