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Black Friday Deal: Get Far Cry New Dawn for £5.95 on Xbox One at The Game Collection

Far Cry New Dawn Black Friday

Revel in the post-apocalyptic setting of Far Cry: New Dawn this Black Friday week for only £5.95 over at The Game Collection.

Ubisoft’s smash-hit Far Cry franchise gets an absolute steal for Black Friday season, with Far Cry: New Dawn dropping to £5.95 on Xbox One which, as an added bonus, includes free P&P. Own a PlayStation instead? You’re out of luck for a bargain; you’ll have to pay a tenner more for the PS4 version, which is £15.95 PS4.

Far Cry: New Dawn takes the setting of Far Cry 5 and spins it in a new direction with a post-apocalyptic theme punctuated by lush vegetation and a vibrant colour palette. Take control of a brand new, fully-customisable character, recruit human and animal companions and explore the colony of New Eden.

Here’s our take, when we discussed the best games similar to Fallout 4:

Far Cry: New Dawn is full of high octane action, and a vast array of different weapons to equip your character with. The setting is gorgeous and the map is absolutely massive so there’s a huge amount of places to find and discover.

If you’ve already completed Far Cry 6 and have never picked up New Dawn, now’s the time. Just watch out for those bears.

Buy Far Cry: New Dawn on The Game Collection

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