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Dead Space Black Friday

Black Friday Deal: The Original Dead Space (PC) is £1.99 at Amazon

Dead Space’s remake is arriving next year so why not play or replay the original?

Thanks to Black Friday, the gothiest of all Fridays, you can pick up the PC version of this space-based survival horror for £1.99 from Amazon UK. Released in 2008, which immediately makes us feel old, it casts you as Isaac Clarke, sent to investigate a massive (and illegal) mining starship.

Unsurprisingly, things have gone horribly wrong aboard the ship and you’re left to wrangle with the Necromorphs, horrifying zombie-like creatures which can only be destroyed by dismembering them. It followed by two sequels and the new Dead Space, a remake/reimagining was announced at EA Play last July.

The Dead Space that’s £1.99 at Amazon UK is digital, meaning if you don’t already have an EA Origin account you’ll need to create one for free. But it’s still a full £3 less than in Steam’s 75% sale. It’s also $1.99 at Amazon US which works out even cheaper. Just remember to play it with the lights on and maybe invest in a pair of brown trousers.

Buy Dead Space at Amazon UK Buy Dead Space at Amazon

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