Black Friday Deals: Get 20% off Christmas Jumpers at Just Geek

Black Friday Christmas Jumpers

Wanting a god-awful but totally brilliant Christmas jumper for this festive season? Just Geek has you covered.

Even better, thanks to Black Friday, there’s currently 20% off all their jumpers. There’s a huge range available, all suitably geeky. There’s a lot based on popular TV shows ands movies, and plenty of superhero-themed ones to choose from. But it’s Just Geek’s gaming-related Christmas jumpers we’re most interested in.

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There’s a ‘Happy Halo-Days’ jumper, for instance, which you can see on display in our header image up top. There’s also a Destiny Fairisle jumper, and an Official Xbox ‘Ready to Play’ one too. SEGA fans are covered with a rather snazzy Sonic the Hedgehog jumper, and if you’re a PlayStation fan you can let everyone know with the Official PlayStation Ugly Christmas Jumper.

There’s more too, priced between £20 and £35 depending which design you choose. It’s worth browsing the full selection on Just Geek, as there are some brilliant designs. We imagine Black Friday deals are going to last throughout the week, but we’d recommend acting fast if you want to be sure to grab the Christmas Jumper of Your Dreams(tm).

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