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Blink is Slender With Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels

Blink invites you to hang around a graveyard with only one of Doctor’s Who Weeping Angels for company.

Yes, that’s clearly a bad idea but, unlike the protagonists of the Doctor Who episode that introduced these monsters, you’ve got it coming. In this free-to-play PS1-styled PC game, its your stupid, stupid decision to steal from a grave that sees the Weeping Angel coming after you. From that point onwards, you have to gather items and solve the odd puzzle to elude the creature.

Yes, this is essentially Slender: The Eight Pages with a Weeping Angel, but we’re absolutely fine with that. Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins featured these Who baddies, as did the tedious Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, but neither gave you the freedom that Blink does. True, it’s not an official Doctor Who game but given that Blink is also the name of the aforementioned Weeping Angels episode it’s clear what it’s based on.

We have YouTuber Alpha Beta Gamer to thank for putting this on our radar. If you’re not familiar with the Weeping Angels, they move when they’re not being observed so Blink forces you to keep an eye on your enemy. The moment its not being watched, the Angel will make a beeline for you. It makes for a hugely settling experience.

You can download Blink here and experience the terror first hand. Just don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink.

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