Dead by Daylight is Slashing its Way Onto the Epic Games Store

Asymmetric murder-fest Dead by Daylight is coming to the Epic Games Store next month.

Does this mean that Epic is going to include Dead by Daylight as one of their free games of the month? Maybe at some point, but don’t count on that happening any time soon, particularly given how popular this multiplayer survivors-vs-maniac game is. It’s been available for some time on the PlayStation, Xbox and Steam stores but now Epic has secured its slice of the murder pie, giving you another way to purchase it on PC.

One reason Dead by Daylight is so popular is that developer and publisher Behaviour Interactive has managed to secure a ridiculous number of popular “guest” characters. You can play as Halloween’s Michael Myers, Pinhead from Hellraiser and many, many more. That’s on top of the gruesome non-franchise slashers that Behaviour has conjured up, such as murderous music producer Ji-Woon Hak.


You will, since this is an online-only game, need to be connected to the internet to play but, unlike the PlayStation and Xbox incarnations of the game you won’t have to fork out for Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus. Cross-play is supported so you can test your survival – or slaughter – skills against a wealth of other players.

So when can Epic Games Store patrons get their hands dirty, either as one of the survivors or the killers who stalk them? While we don’t have an exact date, Dead by Daylight will be dropping onto the Epic Games Store in December. You’ll be able to purchase the base game (we expect the price to be comparable to Steam’s $19.99 price-tag) and any or all of the DLC that’s been released up until now.

If you want a hint as to how to stay alive, check out our guide to great survivor builds, or you’d prefer to step into the slasher’s shoes, click here to discover some bloody good killer builds