Dead by Daylight’s New Chapter Pits You Against a Tormented Painter

Dead by Daylight Portrait of a Murder

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from videogames it’s that, Bob Ross aside, every single artist is tormented. Now, Dead by Daylight is set to introduce its own unhinged painter.

Carmina Mora, aka The Artist, is the latest killer to join this asymmetric multiplayer murder ’em-up’s killer roster. She’ll feature in a new chapter, dubbed “Portrait of a Murder”, set to arrive later this month. Her horrifying backstory is that she used her art to shine a light on corruption which didn’t go down particular well. She ended up being left to die in a graveyard but, thanks to the intervention of The Entity, Dead by Daylight’s Big Bad, she become a murderous spectre.

She’s not the only new addition to Dead by Daylight, however. Portrait of a Murder will add survivor Jonah Vasquez, a CIA codebreaker who finds himself in Carmina’s haunt, The Forsaken Boneyard. We’d think calling a place “The Forsaken Boneyard” would be a clear sign to steer clear but, then again, you might not expect Raccoon City to become a zombie hellhole either. We’re hoping that there’s more to this CIA connection, that it turns out the CIA installed whatever corrupt official was responsible for Carmina’s nightmare.

Carmina looks suitably unsettling, not least because, even before she was under the Entity’s spell, a flock of crows saved her life, becoming a motif of sorts and ultimately influencing her killer look. Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive have yet to reveal her abilities, or that of Jonah Vasquez, but we’d expect at least one crow-based attack in there.

Portrait of a Murder will be coming to Dead by Daylight later this month, landing on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, and will cost $6.99 (you’ll naturally require the base game). It’ll also hit the Epic Games Store when Dead by Daylight and all its DLC arrives in December.

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