Dead Cells’ Everyone is Here Update Adds Five New Guest Characters to the Fight

Dead Cells Everyone is Here

The good news is Dead Cells’ Everyone is Here update adds several guest characters to the game. The bad news is Shovel Knight isn’t one of them.

Still, you can’t argue with five – count ’em – new fighters being added to this already excellent side-on slash-em-up. We had a bloody good time with Dead Cells when it was released in 2018, saying it was “simply a joy to play because of its fluidity and the range of combat options available”. So five new playable characters is as good a reason as any to dive back in.

The characters who, as of now, have joined Dead Cells are:

  • Hyperlight Drifter’s The Drifter.
  • Guacamelee’s Juan
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer’s Skul
  • Curse of the Dead Gods’ Caradog McCallister
  • Blasphemous’s The Penitent One

Each has their own skill and, on top of that, you’ll be able to use Hollow Knight’s The Nail weapon, though the Knight themselves isn’t playable. The skills can be also be employed by The Prisoner, Dead Cells’ primary protagonist.

The catch is that you have to unlock these characters through various in-game challenges but if you’re looking to breath new life into Dead Cells, we’d guess that you’re already a pretty accomplished player.

The Everyone is Here update is live now on PC and consoles and if you take a fancy to any of the included characters, you can grab the “Indie Friends” bundle on Steam, which includes Dead Cells and three of the guest characters’ respective games.