Does Jurassic World Evolution 2 Have a Multiplayer Mode?

Jurassic World Evolution

Wondering if dino-park sim Jurassic World Evolution 2 has a multiplayer mode, either co-operative or competitive? Read on.

This dinosaur park sim is an awful lot of fun, even when things aren’t going your way and a storm is unleashing toothy hell upon your visitors. But can you share that fun with other players?

Unfortunately, no. The game has plenty of different modes to explore, including Chaos Theory mode that lets you take on scenarios from the movies, but there’s no multiplayer modes at all, either competitive or co-operative.


It’s a bit of a shame because we can think of  at least one way it could support multiplayer. You could have one person in charge of the park while another would be taking command of the more aggressive carnivores. They, in turn, would try their level best to break out and turn the park into a complete bloodbath.

Sure, in single-player, storms and narrative events occur, but imagine dealing with a human player who’d do something as smart as wait by the gate for the rangers to roll in then run through before it shut. You’d have to take manual control of the rangers next time, making sure there were no nasty surprises lurking round the corner.

Maybe that’s something for a third game but, as of now, Jurassic World Evolution 2 doesn’t support multiplayer in any form. But you should still buy it because, hey, murder lizards.

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