1Boost your PlayStation trophy level with these easy PS Now platinums

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Some people don’t care about them, but we rather like trophies. And there’s nothing quite like getting a platinum.

Trophies often make us get more out of our games, challenging us to play on a higher difficulty than we normally would, delve into multiplayer, or do out best to seek out collectibles. And if you do care about them, you’ll be wanting to get as many as possible to raise your PlayStation trophy level. For that, it’s a good idea to sign up to PS Now, which grants access to hundreds of games for a modest monthly or yearly fee. Even better, some of the easiest platinums you’ll ever get are available via the service.

If you have a PS Now subscription and want to boost your PlayStation trophy level with some of the easiest platinums available, we’ve put together a handy list of them. All of these platinums are possible to obtain even for those who don’t have much gaming experience, and none of them should take more than ten hours to acquire.