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Essential Gifts for the Xbox Gamer This Christmas 2021

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If you’re struggling wondering what to get for your family, friends or love-ones this Christmas, we feel you. But if they’re Xbox gamers, we might be able to help.

There are many Christmas gifts that an Xbox gamer would love to receive, covering a wide range of budgets. We’ve put together a short list of them below, which may just inspire you.

So, if there’s an Xbox gamer in your life, and you’d like to make them smile on Christmas day, take a perusal and see if anything below fits the bill. Some will enable the recipient to play more games, while others will make their gaming experiences more enjoyable. Whichever the outcome, they’re sure to be thankful, and impressed.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

RRP: £10.99/1 Month, £32.99/3 Month

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best deal in gaming, no doubt about it. For one low monthly price, it gives access to a library of hundreds of games, and also enables online multiplayer. Throw in EA Play, allowing access to even more game as well as game trials, and you have a service that is second to none. Any Xbox gamer would love a Game Pass Ultimate Subscription, and you can buy codes for 1 or 3 months of access from retailers such as Amazon.

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Play & Charge Kit

RRP: £19.99

One of the worst things that can happen to an Xbox gamer is their controller running out of batteries during a gaming session. It’s even worse when they then discover that they don’t have any more AA batteries in the house. Buy them a Play & Charge Kit, and they’ll never have that issue. The battery pack fits all standard Xbox controller, and when fully charged it offers up to 30 hours of gaming. When it runs out of juice, simply plug in the included USB-C cable to charge it up again.

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Master Chief Phone and Controller Holder

Halo Cable Guy (1)

RRP: £24.99

Okay, so not all Xbox gamers are obsessed with Master Chief, the star of Halo, but many are. This 8″ tall statue of him is great, packing in plenty of detail. But even better, it’s functional. His hands can hold either a phone or an Xbox Controller, making him ideal for keeping any gaming den a little bit tidier when not in use. After all, it’s better for Master Chief to be holding a controller than it being strewn on the floor.

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NACON Pro Compact Controller

Nacon Pro Compact

RRP: £49.99

If the Xbox gamer in your life has hands a little on the smaller side, then the NACON Pro Compact Controller might just be the best gift you could give them. This well-made controller is a little smaller than the standard kind, making it more comfortable for those with smaller hands. It also packs in a brilliant feature; download the ‘Pro Compact’ app, and you can tweak certain aspects of it to your liking, such as the sensitivity of the analogue sticks. As third party controllers go, this is one of the best. Only the fact that it’s wired will put some off.

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Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 2 Headset

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 2 (1)

RRP: £49.99

Whether it’s to communicate with other players or enjoy playing a game with the volume up without bothering other in the house, a headset is very useful indeed. And you can’t go wrong with this mid-range headset by Turtle Beach. The wired Recon Gen 2 headset is very comfortable to wear, and packs in all the features an Xbox gamer needs. Even better, it has a built in battery, allowing for amplified audio and mic monitoring. In its price range, you won’t find anything better.

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Xbox Wireless Headset

Xbox Wireless Headset

RRP: £89.99

The Turtle Beach headset above is great, but if you really want to treat that special Xbox gamer in your life, consider getting them an official Xbox Wireless Headset instead. It’s nearly double the price, but for that you get a headset that connects to an Xbox wirelessly and without any fuss. Sweetening the deal is the fact that sound quality is excellent, with support for sound technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS: Headphone:X. And one charge provides around 15 hours of use.

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Xbox Elite Controller

Xbox Elite Controller (2)

RRP: £159.99

Okay, so £159.99 is a serious amount of money. But then the Xbox Elite Controller is a serious piece of kit. Made for those who like the finer things in life, the Xbox Elite Controller has a sturdy, premium construction, making just holding it feel like an event. It has rubberised grips, interchangeable thumb-sticks and D-pad, and programmable rear paddles. As its name suggests, it’s for those who want to take gaming to the next level. Is it over the top? Yes. It is extravagant? For sure. But anyone you gift one of these to is bound to appreciate you a whole lot more.

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Storage Expansion Card

Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Cards

RRP: £219.99

If the Xbox gamer in your life has an Xbox Series X or S, storage space is likely to be a source of their gaming woes. Particularly so with the Xbox Series S. Games just keep getting larger, while the size of internal storage has stayed the same. It’s costly, but you can alleviate their issues by buying them a 1TB Storage Expansion card. It will double or even triple their available storage, allowing them to install more games. But yeah, it’s expensive.

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